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Medical Schools Costa Rica & the Caribbean

Who says that medical school has to be all hard work and no fun? Enjoy the best of both worlds, a rigorous education and a picturesque Caribbean setting, when you earn your medical degree at St. Helen University School of Medicine (SHU) in beautiful St. Lucia, or the International University of Americas (UIA) in tropical Costa Rica. As the official representative of St. Helen University (SHU) and International University of Americas (UIA), The Medical School of Costa Rica (MEPSCOR) is your vehicle to arriving at the perfect education. Through an array of programs and initiatives, MEPSCOR aims to aid and support international students achieve their academic, personal and professional goals in their pursuit of a career in medicine.

St. Helen's University (SHU) offers a robust, innovative education at a brand new facility on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

Students will have the opportunity to earn a medical degree in modern, technologically equipped classrooms, with the best environment the Caribbean can offer, surrounded by a diverse community of local and international students and faculty. St. Helen University (SHU) provides a curriculum in accordance to the preferred international credentials of countries including North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. SHU also offers Premed courses to prepare students to enter the MD program.

The International University of the Americas (UIA) is a comprehensive facility, providing students with an opportunity to pursue medical degrees in their two schools: The School of Medicine School. Located in charming Costa Rica, UIA combines a hands-on approach with intensive theoretical study, enabling students to get a well-rounded, multi-cultural education that thoroughly prepares them for a successful career in medicine.


  • MEPSCOR will act as an admissions office for students interested in studying at the St. Helen University (SHU) in St. Lucia, or the International University of Americas (UIA) in Costa Rica. It will provide helpful information, facilitate the application process, and conduct initial interviews to select eligible students for admission to both of these institutions.
  • MEPSCOR will develop and execute a selection process of eligible students from USA, Canada, and UK. Applicants will have to meet certain criteria for admission to each school.
  • MEPSCOR will ensure that teaching and training programs at SHU and UIA meet criteria for medical practice in USA, Canada, and UK.


  • Promote study and training in medical sciences.
  • Enhance the global understanding of different cultures around the world through the study of medical sciences
  • Provide a comprehensive, high quality education

What Do You Gain From MEPSCOR Medical Schools?

  • Become a Medical Doctor
  • Low cost, accredited Medical Studies
  • Four year program with intensive clinical rotations in hospitals and four months additional preparation with USMLE
  • Residency and internship opportunities with affiliated facilities
  • A knowledgeable and experienced faculty
  • Affordable, trusted lodging with families or private apartments
  • Variety of classes with theoretical and hands-on curriculum
  • 7,500+ Students in UIA
  • Picturesque tropical locations in St. Lucia and Costa Rica
  • The opportunity to attend medical school straight from high school or during undergraduate study
  • No MCAT required
    No PreMed required
  • For further information Contact MEPSCOR at (630) 605-1296